The company Gehling Flugtechnik was established during the mid 1998`s as an independent aircraft maintenance facility, resulting from the takeover of the almost 30 years old Hamaland Aero Service.

The Managing Director Mr. Dieter Gehling, master craftsman, licensed inspector for categories I, II, III, IV, V, member of the board of examiners for the LBA (German Civil Aviation Authorities) and the  chamber of commerce.


Facility I: Stadtlohn airfield EDLS approx. 1.800 m² hangar area

Facility II: Stadtlohn airfield EDLS Avionic equipment installation, overhaul and repair workshop

Facility II: Magdeburg airfield EDBM approx. 500 m² hangar area

The staff:

At present there are a total of 16 employees (from 3 nationalities) working at the 3 facilities. Some of them were transferred from the previous company. Together they represent more than 200 years experience in the art of aircraft maintenance technique. Nevertheless, they are a young, dynamic team. Their aim is to deliver excellent workmanship with the required flexibility.


On both locations the company is certified from the LBA and EASA to carry out the following:

– The entire maintenance and repair schedule for piston engined aircraft up to a MPTOW of 5.700 kgs, constructed of Wood, Mixed Wood – Metal, Carbon-Fibre and Metal, Cessna 208.

– The entire maintenance and repair schedule for UL`s, Motor Gliders and Gliders.

– Overhaul and repair on designated engines and propellers.

– Avionic installation, overhaul and repair from various manufactures.

– Both location are Comco-ITB, AutoGyro maintenance interconnection and CAMO+ certified.

– Last but not least, we give young women and men the opportunity to undertake a 3 year approved apprenticeship course, designed to qualify them as certified mechanics at it`s conclusion.

Our Customers:

In our field, we are a medium – sized company, providing services for more than 450 aircraft. Many of our customers are from abroad. They come from commercial, general and private aviation sectors. We treat each customer according to their individual needs in a friendly, courteous, fair and competent manner, with trustworthy advice in line with our mission statement:

Here people work for people, their duties, the safety of aviation!


Stadtlohn Facility

The airframe and engine facility at Stadtlohn, consists of a modern 1.800 m² heated aircraft maintenance hangar, as well as the appropriate storage and workshop capacity for spare parts, metal, wood, carbon fibre, components and electric/avionic overhaul, documentation and administration.

With our licensed inspector, Mr. Dieter Gehling and his team of mechanics, we undertake most of the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft categories I, II, III, IV and V according to the company certification.

These are just part of the services offered by Gehling Flugtechnik:

C of A renewals – annual inspection of airframe/engine – maintenance – repair –  modifications – aircraft certification and documentation support on Import and Export – EASA maintenance – CAMO support – overhaul – restoration – spare part and component provision – overhaul on specific engines and propellers.

This demonstrates the wealth of experience we hold on aircraft types and various aircraft:

Aero, American Champion, Antonov, Beechcraft, Boeing, Bölkow, Bücker, Cessna, Cessna 208,  Comco, Commander, de Havilland, Dornier, Gulfstream, Yakovlev, Mooney, North American, Partenavia, Pilatus, Piper, PZL, Siai, Socata, Stampe, Tecnam, Tobago, Wassmer, Zlin, Motorgliders and Gliders. All types of   Rotax, Mc Cauley, Hartzell, Pratt & Whitney, Ash, Bendix and many, many more!!!

For most of these aircraft types and series, we carry an extensive stock of spare parts.

Enough of words. Why don`t you create yourself a picture of our recognized professionalism, safe practices and workmanship. Ask us, call us, write or fax us or send us an email. We will help you wherever we can and according to our mission statement!

Magdeburg Facility

The Magdeburg division airframe and engine facility is situated in the main hangar at Magdeburg Airport EDBM and is easily accessible. Magdeburg is the capital of Sachsen-Anhalt. The facility consists of a modern heated aircraft maintenance hangar, which covers 500 m² with the appropriate workshops and offices.

At the time being the staff consists of five aircraft mechanics under the authority of Mr. Bergner, licensed inspector category II. The division has access to further licensed inspectors in the avionics field and services from the main facility at Stadtlohn. The division certification is the same as that of Stadtlohn headquarters, although the spare part supplies and documentation is mainly administered at Magdeburg.

The wealth of experience of our staff at Magdeburg is built on ten years of work on western construction aircraft types and of course eastern construction such as Antonov II, Yak 52, Z 37 and 142/143, PZL 104 Wilga, PZL 106 Kruk and many more. This experience was and will be expanded and intensified between the headquarters at Stadtlohn and the division at Magdeburg, so that each facility will profit from the other`s experience. This joint exchange of work practice will ensure the highest safety benefits and will apply to your aircraft.

Why don`t you contact us by post, fax or email or pay us a personal visit on the southern border of the state capital in the middle of Sachsen-Anhalt.