PZL 106 „Kruk“

The raven of heaven, the mighty Kruk

During the Cold War years, the countries of the Eastern Bloc were assigned what they were responsible for. Poland was responsible for developing agricultural aircraft.

In the 60s of the last century several proposals were never implemented, at that time the USSR was still very satisfied with AN2.

It wasn’t until 1971 that it was decided to develop a new agricultural aircraft. From the suggestions made in previous years to use the PZL 106 Kruks from 1965. Nevertheless, for economic and political reasons, it took months before the actual development of the aircraft began.

First prototypes

The first prototype flew on April 17, 1973. Production began in 1976 and was called the PZL 106A. Various variants were then released, including a more powerful engine. In 1982 a total of 144 PZL 106A were built.

The next step was a Kruk with a turboprop engine. In 1981 the first prototype flew, the PZL 106 AT Turbo Kruk. The last variant of this type was presented in 1998!

14,9 m Span | 9,25 m Length | Max. 215 km/h 


Our Kruk, license plate DDR-TAB today D-FOAB was the former training machine, equipped with a change tank as a teacher’s place / fertilizer tank. After their normal use ended, a few aircraft went to museums, some to junkyards and still others via the USA to South America, Argentina and Bolivia etc.

As far as is currently known, there are currently around 25 Kruks of various types in service in South America, as well as only one GDR TAB with us.

1790 kg | 900 km Range | 150 km/h Working speed 

Indestructible and solid

A total of 266 PZL 106 were built in all variants. The Turbo Kruk was produced in limited numbers.

A good 100 aircraft of this type have been delivered to the eastern part of Germany (formerly GDR) since 1978 and were in heavy use there until the fall of the Berlin Wall!


Our wealth of experience …

After about 30 years of experience with aircraft, we would like to call ourselves a specialist in the field of this type of agricultural aircraft, whether Piper Pawnee, Kruk, Wilga, Grumman or the like.

…for you!

If you want to have the Kruk with you at an event or if you have a comparable aircraft, please contact us, we will help you!