T28 Trojan

From the 1950s until today, the T28 Trojan continues to fascinate

In the late 1940s, the US Air Force wanted to replace the T-6 Texan. These training aircraft were now obsolete and North American was asked to come up with a replacement.

The XT-28 prototype flew for the first time on September 24, 1949; after evaluation, the Air Force was so impressed that production could begin immediately.

A big success

In the mid-1950s, the first T-28A arrived in Florida to be tested as a suitable training aircraft. The results were so satisfactory that first orders were placed for 266 pieces. This would grow to a total of 1194 pieces.

And the success didn’t stop there. The US Navy and Marine Corps also ordered modified versions, the T28B and T28C. Other countries also bought the successful aircraft for their air force.

12,22 m Span | 10,06 m Length   | Max. 552 km/h 


The main task of the American T28 was its use as a training aircraft in the training of naval pilots.

The T28 has different engines from 800-1450 HP as well as different cell equipment such as e.g. Speed brake, catch hook, weapon carrier, etc. It was also built in France under license as Fenec.


And nowadays…

Today some of these aircraft are in private hands. You can see them at various air shows or just for fun in the sky over Europe.

…also with us!

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