Who we are

The company Gehling Flugtechnik GmbH was founded in 1998 as an independent company

… newly founded from the mixed operation Hamaland Flugdienst, which had existed for almost 30 years.

Much has changed since 1998. Gehling Flugtechnik is now a medium-sized company in the industry with a customer base of more than 450 aircraft owners, private and commercial, at home and abroad.


The entire company employs z. Z. 11 employees, some of whom have already been taken over from the old company and together have more than 200 years of experience in handling aircraft technology. Nevertheless, it is a young and dynamic team with excellent motivation and flexibility.


The company has approval from the Federal Aviation Office and EASA to carry out all maintenance on the aircraft in wood, mixed, plastic and metal construction for piston engines up to 5700 KG, Cessna 208, maintenance UL, gliders and motor gliders, major overhauls on selected Aircraft engines and propeller systems as well as avionic systems from various manufacturers.

We have the Comco-ITB approval and have the CAMO + approval for EASA Part M and ML, we are Garmin Dealer and Service Station. At the same time, the company is a training center for the profession of aircraft mechanic and aircraft electronics technician.


The operating part consists of the modern shipyard hangar as well as corresponding rooms for the storage of spare parts, metal, wood and plastic processing, components, repair and electronics work rooms, documentation center and administration. The total heatable operating area is over 1,800m².

Examiner / Certifying staff

We carry out class I, II, III, IV, and V aircraft inspectors with our inspectors. We have inspection and approval personnel with all the necessary licenses for our activities within the scope of our Scop of Work. The managing director is Mr. Dieter Gehling, foreman, examiner, IHK and LBA examination board member.


Range of services


Radial engines (Russisch) :
  • M14P / M14PF
  • Ash-62
  • Ash-21
Radial engines (USA)
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • R-985 Wasp Junior
  • R-1340 Wasp
  • Continental R-670
  • Wright R1820
VA12 Engines
  • Allison V1710
  • Argus As 410
Rotax Engines
  • Rotax 912
  • Rotax 914
  • Rotax 915


Für viele Flugzeugarten und Baugruppen halten wir in unserem umfangreichen Ersatzteillager ständig die gängigsten Ersatzteile für Sie parat.